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ALL PROFIT from any sticker will be donated into the Gender Affirming Surgery Grant. If you'd like to apply for the grant, click here.


The base price is $3.50 per sticker and the profit will go into the grant funds. The more stickers sold/donations added, the more grants we can give out. 

These stickers largely determine how many grants we give out. Please grab one to help contribute! 

You can also choose +$5 donation, or +$10 donation (in addition to the sticker's base-price donated profits.)

If you'd like to make a larger donation, or a donation without a sticker. Please contact DR DHT through the contact page, click here to reach out. 


These are high-quality, adhesive vinyl stickers. The edges are clear/see-through, the logo is solid/opaque. 

SIZE: 3" high, 2.62" wide

Pride Stickers - 100% Profit donated

  • If you're only ordering stickers, shiping is FREE. (U.S.A.)

    If you're ordering other products with the sticker, the stickers won't add any additional shipping to the already flat-rate cost. 

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