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  • Should I go with the Beard Grower Oil or Beard Grower Balm if I'm aiming for growth?
    You can use both in your routine for the extra boost, one in the morning and one at night is best. However, if you only want to manage 1 product for growth then go with the Beard Grower Oil. It's a bit more powerful, works down to the skin easier and is appropriate for facial hair at any stage, even those with virtually no facial hair. The balm does also help with growth but part of its purpose is to be applied directly on hairs to help condition and style them, and be applied to thin spots where you can work it down to the skin, to help with growth there.
  • What if I don't really have facial hair yet?
    Not to worry! We have products for anyone at an facial hair stage, including virtually no hair. Our products put focus on growth, whether you have just a couple sideburns hairs, or a pretty solid beard already. If you're looking to develop more facial hair, our best recommendation would be our Best Beard Growth Bundle. It includes all 3 of our growth stimulating products; Hormone Safe Beard Grower Oil, Hormone Safe Beard Grower Balm, and our Beard Derma Roller to optimize your growth. If you need a more simple routine, or feel like you aren't at a stage appropriate for using the balm, then go with the Hormone Safe Beard Grower Oil, and derma roller. These are our top sellers for a reason.
  • Does it work pre T?
    Yes, it can work pre T. Numerous people not on T have reported growth, including original members of the study. It's similar to if someone pre T were to use minox. Though, keep a few things in mind, this goes for minox as well. It typically will develop slower and not as intense as if you were on T, though genetics still and always will be a number in the equation. Still, one of the best things a person can do to develop some facial hair (besides be on T) is to consistently stimulate blood flow in the skin layer of the potential "beardzone." This is what the Beard Grower Oil does, as well as the derma roller, and minox. It is particularly recommended that you derma roll alongside the oil in this case, as the hair is innately androgen driven. This will give it a better chance of developing or darkening hairs. You can even do the oil, roller and minox in your routine if desired. Though check with a doctor to make sure you can use minox, if this interests you, as it is a med with potentially negative side effects. Using these tools to stimulate blood flow while on T tends to be more effective (unless you have very stubborn genetics) because there are more androgens in your blood for them to help circulate over a given period of time, therefore more chance of the hormones binding with and creating a thickened hair.
  • Can your beard oil work for cis people too?
    Yes, it can also work for cis men. Progress looks different from person to person, regardless of being trans or cis. The science applies to humans.
  • Can I use the grower oil or balm alongside minox?
    Yes you can! Plus, minox tends to dry out skin, while the beard oil adds in some moisture with lightweight oil similar to our skin's natural sebum, so it is very viable to use them in a routine together. If you apply the oil earlier in the day, and minox later in the day, be sure to wash your face before minox applications. Do not apply the oil right before minox, only after, or preferably at a separate time during the day. Always consult with a doctor before using minox, as it is a med with potentially negative side effects.
  • How do I apply the Beard Grower Oil properly?
    When it's your first time using it, only use a few drops (2-3) to let your skin adjust to the new product. Once adjusted, you may add more to find a sweet spot of drops. Most people use 4-6 drops. This will also depend on your skin type. You can use the dropper to apply drops directly where you want growth. It's important that you rub it down to the skin well. It must absorb through the skin. Applying it directly after showers may help with absorbency since skin is extra absorbent then. Otherwise, it is recommended that you apply it after washing your face. Especially if you have oily skin, so there will be room in your skin for it to be absorbed. It's very lightweight, absorbent and non-comedogenic, therefore a variety of skin types can use it.
  • When do I apply my moisturizer while using the Beard Grower Oil?
    If you apply moisturizer to only the upper face, not on overlapping areas with the Beard Grower Oil, then you can apply it at the same time. If you plan to put moisturizer over the same area where applying the Beard Grower Oil, then its best to wait an hour or two so the oil can absorb on it's own and not be diluted. If you must apply soon after the oil, then at LEAST wait 30 minutes.
  • Can I use the Beard Grower products to help grow my mustache?
    Yes, this is the same type of hair, therefore the oil, balm, derma roller, or other beard products we offer, are beneficial for mustache growth too!
  • What do you recommend for someone who already has some beard, but also wants more growth?
    If you already have some beard going on, but want growth, our Hormone Safe Beard Grower Oil, Hormone Safe Beard Grower Balm, and derma roller will be your-go to! For those with some facial hair already, I highly recommend our Hormone Safe Beard Wash (which also leaves your beard soft.) Swap out your current wash with something hormone safe like either of our scents of Beard Wash!
  • Can I use the oil if I have oily or acne-prone skin?
    Yes, the Beard Grower Oil is lightweight, absorbs well and is non-comedogenic. With that being said, I always recommend washing or showering before applications, especially if you have this skin type. Reason being is clean skin (i.e. excess facial oils removed) has more space in the skin for the product to absorb. Plus, warmed skin (such as after a warm shower) further boosts skin absorbency. It is not very common for the oil to trigger acne, unless you are not using it as directed and stacking it on top of your facial oils, and are acne-prone. If you are unsure about skin compatibility, test out the small bottle (tends to last 1-2 months) and see if you like it!
  • Are your beard products made with any common allergens?
    Generally no. Unless you are allergic to natural peppermint. We do NOT use common allergens such as: lavender, soy, peanut, almond, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, dyes, or coconut, to name a few.
  • What does hormone safe refer to?
    Our products that have "hormone safe" in the title are safe for the androgenic hormone DHT. This is especially important for facial and beard products, since DHT is the hormone responsible for thick, long facial hair development. Facial/body hair is different than head hair when it comes to what androgenic hormones do to them. While DHT may not be great for head hair growth (this is androgen independent hair), it is necessary for beard development (this is androgen DEPENDENT hair.) DHT is essentially flip flopped for beard vs head hair. Good/necessary for beard to develop, not good for head hair (if your genetics say so, anyways.) In other words, our hormone safe products don't hurt your DHT like most facial and beard products do. So the hormone can do its job and help thicken your facial hair, uninhibited.
  • What is DHT and how do the beard products work?
    DHT is the hormone dihydrotestosterone, a portion of your Testosterone converts into this. DHT is more powerful than T when it comes to creating an androgenic effect. In other words, if DHT binds to an immature facial hair follicle, it turns nothing/peach fuzz to a thickened beard hair. This type of hair (androgenic hair i.e. facial & body hair) relies on T and DHT in order to develop in the first place. It NEEDS these hormones for the hairs to start significantly existing. My products put focus on using ingredients & ratios that are safe for DHT, so it is not blocked or inhibited. In other words, so it can do it's job and create a beard hair without disruption! A lot of products out there do contain DHT blockers which can slow or stunt facial hair development with regular use, particularly for those who don't have a full beard already. My products are naturally based with plant-derived hormone safe (DHT safe) ingredients. They do not contain DHT, they are not a med. They work by stimulating blood flow, this is the same proven mechanism minox uses in order to grow hair, but again, they are not a med such as minox. And by allowing DHT to do its job, and not be negatively effected by the product. Here's a quick video explaining how they work for facial hair growth.
  • What can I do to get the most growth out of your products?
    Be consistent. Apply the Beard Grower Oil daily. Apply it correctly, apply enough, and always rub it down to the skin well. Apply it after showers and after washing your face for boosted absorbency. Use a derma roller 2-3 times a week (at least 1 rest day between) to boost growth and absorbency. Don't mix it with, or add any products on top for at least 1 to 2 hours. Let it absorb and work on it's own.
  • Is it pet safe?
    The beard oil & other personal care items are generally safe to use on yourself if you have pets, when used as directed and stored properly. Though, they are not meant to be ingested/consumed/inhaled by them, or used on them in any way. If pets do notably consume them, they may experience symptoms including, but not limited to, a belly ache, diarrhea etc. So don't allow them to freely lick products on your body or face soon after application, and store them in a place inaccessible to them, where your other personal care products are stored. Generally this is not a worry though for a few reasons: the oil absorbs quickly (usually within 1 hour, especially if showering right before, once absorbed, there is next to nothing left on the outside layer of your skin, if it's not absorbing within an hour or 2, you may be 1) applying too much for your skin type 2) not washing well before applications) you apply a very small amount, and it is not concentrated fatal such as the heart medication minoxidil is for pets. The wash-off products (beard wash, face wash, etc.), well.. get washed off, so don't pose an issue after being fully rinsed off of your face. No personal care products are meant for pets tummies! Same for humans, not meant for human consumption either, but I'm sure you folks would know better! If you're worried that your pet may have ingested a notable amount of personal care product, then consult with your vet. Just like any other personal care item, do not allow pets to ingest them, do not use human-designated products on them, and keep the lid properly screwed on while storing them in a cool, dark place such as a medicine cabinet.
  • "Grower" line of beard products & "hormone safe" line of beard & facial products
    Our products with the word "grower" in them are intended for use to help grow your facial hair. This includes our Beard Grower Oil and Beard Grower Balm. Our derma roller also aids in facial hair development. Additionally these products are a part of our "hormone safe" line, which means they are okay for the male hormone DHT. This hormone is responsible for facial and body hair growth, so we put emphasis on using ingredients that are not known to negatively impact said hormone. Products under our "hormone safe" line include all beard & facial products; Beard Grower Oil, Beard Oil (standard), Beard Grower Balm, Beard Wash, and our Clay Face Washes.
  • What is the "beardzone"?
    The beardzone is an area of your face where a beard could theoretically grow. Places like your forehead and nose are not considered this. The beardzone is a theoretical, it doesn't matter if you actually have a beard or not.
  • How long does it usually take to receive an order (domestic)?
    Once shipped, it typically takes 2 to 6 business days to arrive. Allow us 1 to 4 days to process, pack, and drop off your order.
  • My item arrived frozen or melted, what do I do?
    If your oil or other product arrives frozen, allow it to naturally defrost AWAY from sunlight or heat. Once it defrosts, the oil may still look a little foggy, if so, wrap a warm hand around it and shake it until clear. This can take a few minutes. Once it looks clear and thin, it's the right temperature. If the salve, balm or other solid product arrives melted/liquified then shake it well with the lid screwed on, and immediately place it in the fridge for a few minutes until it is no longer see-through, this could take 10 to 30 minutes. Be careful when opening the tin if it arrives while hot outside and is liquified, as it could spill.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! I ship to many counties. If your country doesn't appear to be an option, please reach out. There may be customs tax for some orders, which customers are responsible for, and in no way is it associated with DR DHT.
  • My package says delivered, but it's not here, what do I do?
    Sometimes USPS accidentally scans it as 'delivered' before it actually is. PLEASE wait 2 or 3 days to see if it shows up. If it still hasn't shown up, please double check the order confirmation email to make sure there wasn't any address typo. Either way, reach out via the contact page so we can help get the products on the right track. We always make sure it arrives to you. Just be sure to communicate what's going on, we are happy to help!
  • How can I pay with Paypal, Venmo or Cashapp or another payment method?
    Paypal is available at checkout. If you'd like to use Venmo or Cashapp, please reach out via the Contact page and we can help set up a manual order for you.
  • How can I apply for the Gender Affirming Surgery Grant?
    For more information on the grant, or to apply, visit its page here.
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