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The Pro Scar Care Bundle includes:


- 1 Scar Salve - Fade & Soften (70mL tin)

- 1 Scar massage tool

- 1 roll of silicone scar strips (120in x 1.6in)


Scar Salve:

100% natural ingredients, vegan friendly, and made with organic ingredients. NO added scents, scents are simply from the natural butters. For scar and graft use only. Be sure there are no scabs, or bleeding. It must be a scar, not a wound, to begin scar care. Contact your surgeon to figure out when you should start scar care. 

The Scar Salve helps soften, fade and flatten scars. Use daily. Massage in for 5 to 15 minutes a day.


1. Sweet Chocolate - smells like chocolate, some say like chocolate chip cookies!

2. Sour Whiskey with hints of chocolate - stronger scent, slightly sour, whiskey tones with lighter tones of chocolate.


Scar massage tool:

Great to help break down scar tissue, inflamed tissue under the skin and along the scar lines. Scar masasge also helps prevent the scar from acnhoring to your body. Scar massage can begin as soon as your surgeon clears you for scar care. It is recommended that you massage daily, for anywhere from a couple months to 6+ months, depending on how your body scars. 


Silicone scar strips:

Wear daily for 4 to 15 hours on average. You may take them off at the end of the day and massage in the Scar Salve. Wash the strips and set them out to dry for tomorrow. They can be washed and resused many times. 


NOTE: For most, the Scar Salve & scar strips will all last the entirety of post-op scar care (6+ months.) In most cases this is a one-time buy.

Pro Scar Care Bundle


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