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This Scar Tissue Massage Tool is perfect for post-op top surgery scars or other surgical incision scars. It helps break down scar tissue both under the skin and along the scar line, while also circulating blood to help clear out inflammation. This massage tool is especially good to use on scars that are a few months old, or scars that still have lifted areas or hardness. Massaging also helps prevent scar anchoring to the body, which otherwise can cause tightness when moving your arms overhead.


How to use:


1. Lube up the scar with your preferred scar care salve, ointment or gel. We also offer a fade & soften natural salve. 

2. Use the end of the massage tool along the scar line, making small curcular motions while pressing down and following the scar.

3. It's best to massage daily, especially post-op when your surgeon has cleared you for scar care. Always check with your surgeon or doctor to confirm if and when you can begin scar massage, or scar care products. 

Scar Tissue Massage Tool

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