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DR DHT's Hormone Safe Beard Grower Balm can be used alone or alongside the Beard Grower Oil. This product is aimed toward individuals with some scruff or beard going on, though it can be used for those who dont have much facial hair yet.


It's 100% naural, DHT safe, & made with organic ingredients, but note

that it is not vegan due to animal byproducts such as organic beeswax. I prioritize hormone safe ingredients and ratios #1, and have not found a vegan/hormone safe alternative wax, if I do, then the formula could change with time.

I'd describe this product as a cross between a beard wax and a beard butter.


Beard Grower Balm VS Beard Grower Oil

----- because I know you'll ask.


OIL -- Flagship for growth. Works down to the skin easier. Entire point is to stimulate growth. Good for anyone at any facial hair stage.

BALM-- Helps with growth too, but doesn't work down to the skin as easlily (depending on how much facial hair you have.) Also helps with softening/moisturizing literal beard hairs. Can help with styling with a light to medium hold.




Scoop small amount with thumbnail. A little goes a long way. Add more after if necessary.


Rub in palms to melt the product.


Work product onto beard hairs for best softening & frizz control.

Work onto skin in thinner areas for best growth aid.

Use more frequently for best growth results.


Flatten frizzy hairs with a wiping motion. Finish off by combing and/or blow drying everything in place.


Use when necessary. You can use it daily, every other day, when you go out etc. Be sure to wash the product off at the end of the day. Since it contains wax it may stay longer and washing it off before reapplying it the next day is important.

This product is made of 100% natural plant-based oils; seed oils, butters, beeswax as well as natural peppermint essential oil blend, and does not contain "DHT"... but is made with DHT safe ingredients. DHT is needed for facial hair growth, therefore inhibiting/blocking DHT is not beneficial for new facial hair development. Therefore, I have you, hormone safe beard products!


This product is not optimized for very sensitive skin types and there is no guarantee that it will be compatible for those with sensitive skin. Discontinue use and immediately wash off well with soap and cool water if you feel a burning sensation, though this is not common, some individuals are sensitive or even alllergic to peppermint. A cool, minty feeling is normal, buring is not, and may indicate a product & skin type incompatibility.



Container is a 35mL deep-tin. Should last at least 2-6 months with daily use.

Store in a cool location, 65-78 degrees F.


DISCLAIMER: Contains natural peppermint. Contains beeswax.

NO added scents/fragrance, scented naturally with pressed peppermint.

Hormone Safe Beard Grower Balm - Peppermint

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