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This is a monetary donation to the Queer Trans Project. Please help support this wonderful organization that gives back to queer folks. In addition to 100% of donations collected here, DR DHT will be donating dozens of units of our premium hormone-safe Beard Grower Oil to the organization for their "Build-a-Queer" free kits.


The QTP describes their "Build-a-Queer" kit as "free and fully customizable gender-affirming kits that contain items such as binders, transtape, socks, pride merch, stickers, etc. Over 500 kits were distributed in 2022; we plan to distribute over 1800 in 2023."


The Queer Trans Project is a black-led and trans-led organization on a mission to
provide gender-empowering resources to LGBTQ+ minorities (gender, sexual, racial,
romantic, etc.) so that they have the power and confidence to create social change.


You can find more info at their website. (

Donation to The Queer Trans Project (black-led & trans-led organization)


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