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This Beard & Hair Cutting 3-Sided Mirror is the perfect tool for getting the perfect beard line-up at home. The mirror is three-sided and articulates, so you can see all angles when cutting or styling your beard or hair. Its slim design allows it to easily hang on a door, and its portability makes it a must-have for any home or travel grooming routine. 


Note: If you are only ordering the mirror (i.e. no other products in the order) the mirror will ship in its original packaging which shows what the item is. If ordered alongside other items, it will all be together in a plain brown box.


INTERNATIONAL customers note: Since it is such a large item, having this in your order will boost the shipping cost of the overall order. The average shipping internationally for an item this size is around $40, but this medium sized box can also fit as many of my other products in the same box as you'd like, for the same rate.

While shipping for any of my other items (which are all small/lightweight, numeruous small items fit this package for the same rate) is just around $16. This is typically a medium sized orange mailer, or small white box about half the size of a shoebox.

Beard & Hair Cutting 3-Sided Mirror


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