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This is the best way to boost beard progress alongside my beard grower products!


The beard derma roller is .5mm, the proper size to help stimulate facial hair growth. It comes in matte black with a matching hard shell case.




1. Clean your roller with rubbing alcohol between uses. You may also use a new toothbrush & soap to clean it if it gets oily or gunky. But still use rubbing alcohol between uses.

2. Wash your face before rolling.

3. Roll on areas where you want more growth (2-3 days a week preferred.) You'll want to hit the same spots multiple times in numerous directions. Do NOT skid the roller on your face, move it in a straight line when rolling.

4. Apply DR DHT Beard Grower Oil down to the skin after, or later in the day depending on how your skin reacts.


It is normal for derma rolling to cause temporary redness. This is because it's stimulating bloodflow. Which is what hairs need in order to develop, deepen their root, and thicken.

If your skin is reacting concerningly, stop rolling, roll less often, or try rolling without the oil right after.

Never roll over acne or inflamed skin.


Generally, you'll want to replace the roller after 6 months of use.


Always try to apply the oil AFTER rolling, not before, to help extend the life of the roller and keep it clean.

Beard Derma Roller (.5mm) Matte Black

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  • Matte black derma roller

    Hardshell matte black case

    .5 mm teeth

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