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Our Best Beard Growth Bundle includes a bottle of our Hormone Safe Beard Grower oil, a tin of our Hormone Safe Beard Grower Balm, and a beard derma roller. All three of these products help stimulate facial hair growth and development. Combining these 3 in a regular routine can help optimise your growth!


Oil instructions:


- Use daily.

- Shake the bottle well before each use.

- Apply 3-7 drops to facial areas (down to the skin, important!) where you want more hair.

- Rub it into the skin well using your fingertips. Wash hands after application.

- Leave it on all day. Preferably apply when you wake up, and after a shower or washing your face.bWarm & clean skin help with absorption.

- Do not wash off immediately. Do not add products on top (mouisturizers etc.) If you use an additional moiusturizer or product, apply it another time during the day.

- Repeat the next day!


The oil should fully, or largely, absorb within a couple hours. If not, you may be using too much product for your skin type, or not washing your face well before applications. 


Balm Instructions:


- Scoop small amount with thumbnail. A little goes a long way. Add more after if necessary

- Rub in palms to melt the product.

- Work product onto beard hairs for best softening & frizz control.

- Work onto skin in thinner areas for best growth aid.

- Use more frequently for best growth results.

- Flatten frizzy hairs with a wiping motion. Finish off by combing and/or blow drying everything in place.

- Use when necessary. You can use it daily, every other day, when you go out etc.

- Be sure to wash the product off at the end of the day. Since it contains wax it may stay longer and washing it off before reapplying it the next day is important.


Derma roller instructions:


1. Clean your roller with rubbing alcohol between uses. You may also use a new toothbrush & soap to clean it if it gets oily or gunky. But still use rubbing alcohol between uses.

2. Wash your face before rolling.

3. Roll on areas where you want more growth (2-3 days a week preferred, do not roll on back-to-back days.) You'll want to hit the same spots multiple times in numerous directions. Do NOT skid the roller on your face, move it in a straight line when rolling.

4. Apply DR DHT Beard Grower Oil down to the skin after, or later in the day depending on how your skin reacts. Some people's skin may prefer it be applied several hours after rolling. 


It is normal for derma rolling to cause temporary redness. This is because it's stimulating bloodflow. Which is what hairs need in order to develop, deepen their root, and thicken.

If your skin is reacting concerningly, stop rolling, roll less often, or try rolling without the oil right after.

Never roll over acne or inflamed skin.


Generally, you'll want to replace the roller after 6 months of use.


Note: hormone safe beard grower oil and balm contain natural peppermint oil. Both products are 100% natural, made of plant-based oils, as well as butters and waxes (in the balm particularly) and friendly for androgenic hormones (the hormones that grow facial hair in the first place!)


More information can be found on the FAQ tab, or on the product's specific pages. 

Best Beard Growth Bundle

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